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Innovative Gaming Studio Unites North Carolina Community with Custom Fortnite Game

In a groundbreaking initiative, a forward-thinking gaming studio called Blackpoint Studios Inc. has embarked on a project that is capturing the hearts and imaginations of North Carolina residents. Utilizing the wildly popular platform Fortnite, the studio is developing a “Community’s Game” that also fosters a sense of unity and engagement among its players.

Community involvement is at the heart of this project. The gaming studio has reached out to all three regions of North Carolina for input, ensuring that the game resonates with the people it aims to represent.

From the Piedmont Region, K’la Johnson Jamaican Born and resident of Cary, NC is excited to be apart and take lead on this venture, she said “I moved to Cary specifically for the gaming industry,” Johnson said. She teaches coding with the youth at North Carolina Esports Academy. K’la is glad to see Blackpoint Studios expanding their roles for women to take the lead in game design.

Noah Craddock, College Graduate of High Point University in Game Audio Design and Music Composition, co-hosted the event, interviewing special guests, companies, and gamers. Noah is from Kernersville, NC, and has been a gamer since he was a child. “This is a dream come true to work with a gaming studio right out of college,” he said, adding that he is looking forward to assisting with the development of this game.

Joshua El Bishop is the Assistant Director of Vets for Youth in Raleigh, NC. Joshua is a father of five and advocates teaching youth to code “…as an avenue where they can put down the guns and learn to develop games to keep them focused on things positive.”

From the Coastal Region of North Carolina (Fort Liberty), Ret. Special Forces Soldier Rob Robertson, sees the kids’ participation beyond game play as amazing. “Being apart of a Veteran Gaming Studio is awesome and opportunities like this don’t come around often,” Rob said, adding, “This will provide a platform for us, and I am all in, I will tell you everything I did, everything I didn’t do and everything I should have done.”

Blackpoint Studios CEO Mr. Tony U. Brown plans to launch the game on the 4th of July weekend 2024. For the next three months, you can tune in to a live stream on LinkedIn and other social channels every Friday at 7pm EST, showing the teamwork and the development process. “We welcome all experts in the field of the gaming industry who are watching this project to contact us. we would love for more input as this historical venture grows,” said Tony.

For more information, contact Tony Brown at 718.344.7378 or